can you spare some of that smoked salmon sandwich?

salmon cream cheese sandwich
This was going to be MY smoked salmon sandwich, and no one else’s. He did look hungry when he walked up to me and asked: “brother, are you gonna eat that all by yourself?” He probably hadn’t eaten for days, but he was polite enough and seemed friendly

What was I going to say? I wanted to tell him, Look, I’ve waited a few days to find some free time to grab a fresh loaf of that bread, you now, from that store across town that is so popular they always seem to run out of everything by noon and I never get a chance to get there till later. a little bit on the expensive side for that neighbourhood, but worth the long walk and the waiting in line. You know the one I’m talking about, right?

and then I’ve found a tub of that really god creamy cream cheese, I’ve had it in the fridge at work waiting for a chance to open it up and use it exactly on a sandwich like this one – with the smoked salmon and lemon-orange zest, bit of thyme to help it along the way. I don’t eat meat and not much fish, but could resist that smoked salmon. That thyme, couldn’t find it for the longest time, but I just had to have it, otherwise this sandwich wasn’t going to come together…

how was I going to tell this man, someone I’d never met before, someone standing hungry over me this very minute, how would I tell him all that I’d gone through to get to this sandwich right here:

he looked at me, and then with the biggest of smiles said: “you know, my friend, if I’d gone to all that trouble, I probably wouldn’t want to share it either”

I looked at him, puzzled. Had I spoked out loud or had he really read my mind…

I just had to laugh: “take a seat, man, there’s enough here for the two of us…”

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