best chocolate in the world

distant love
You me and the universe…

…the eternal story.

there’s not always a happy ending, is there?

it doesn’t always happen that way. The way you dream it would

so, there’s no Prince or frog to kiss ,
there’s not going to be a princess in the tower calling your name
even a sleeping beauty with long flowing hair, waiting for you to wake her up

things don’t work that way, do they?
here they are fixed for all time:
he, on a frozen vanilla ice cream world, it slowly turns yet never melts
a perfectly formed icy orb spinning gracefully.

she, on the chocolate planet – this is the good stuff, the place where the best chocolate in the world comes from

watching each other from afar, knowing there’s no future together,
understanding that this is the way their lives will always be – spinning through the universe

They will never meet – their worlds will never collide,
(or will they?) they have their eternity to find out

there’s not always a happy ending – or is there?

You, me and the universe…

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