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and yes, I really AM a chef who travels and has been fortunate enough to cook and work around the world – but there are still quite a few places I’d love to visit (and work). Is there a ‘right way’ or a ‘best way’ to cook pasta, use a wok, stack your fridge or make those cupcake things you always buy a dozen of but secretly wish you could make at home and save yourself a trip down to the bakery.



This blog won’t show you everything, who needs another ‘expert’ telling you how to boil an egg? but it will offer a some tips, techniques, recipes and maybe even a few photos for those interested in things food-related with a little travelling chef twist

I love the travel aspect of what I do as much as the training and cooking side – that’s why I’m the travelling chef (?) It does get tiring when you live out of a suitcase for weeks on end and losing track of the days and the time. A stray cat always seems to end up outside the door and then you give it some milk and maybe some risotto and after that there’s no stopping them.

But it sometimes makes it hard to leave a place, though…



Another thing that always motivates me is the teaching, meeting new people, learning from them, guiding and motivating them, too. Sometimes setting fire to the dishcloth because I didn’t know how to use that blowtorch. That creme brulee was way too overcooked anyway

I am inspired by people who are like me, hungry to learn and determined to improve. Yes we work long days, but you can always sleep in July or August, right?

straightenin my collar for 2011


The role I have now of ‘travelling chef’ is varied and genuinely inspiring. That’s not to say it isn’t tough: one day you can be in the office with a company CEO, the next a day in the kitchen after a bad night’s sleep at the back of a plane and straight to a wedding party you’re catering, where everything’s got to be just right.

Wherever I can, I try and see a little of the world around me, meet some new people, try some new recipes and ingredients and, of course, EAT.



I hope you will enjoy sharing my journey and sometimes guide me along the way.. Feel free to lose yourself in my stories and get a little hungry…