that thing you do: a quick breakfast at home

berry tartelette - how do you do that
How do you do that? she asked, that funny look on her face.

Do what?

“That! That thing. you’ve done it again. creating something from nothing, making stuff like this…”

What are you talking about?

“I’ve just been to that fridge, couldn’t have been more than ten minutes ago – it was almost empty”

Well, there were a couple of things in there, you know. I thought we’d grab a quick breakfast at home before heading out.

“I know, but I don’t remember seeing all THIS stuff!”

You’ve just got to look for it and see what you can create. You see, I know how to look for it and make something that should work well together.

(She seemed suitably impressed, or at least my explanation convinced her I didn’t have a secret second fridge hidden away in the back)

I continued, feeling invincible now, i mean – everyone’s got these almond tart shells around – they’ll keep for days – hmmm, they are so good. And I just covered them with a little

white chocolate, you know, that one you nibble all the time when you’re reading?
(Without sharing, I wanted to add).

And then you can fill it with some pastry cream, the vanilla one I always make. It keeps for a few days, I always have some in the fridge, I’m sure you must do, too, right?

(she didn’t nod to this, but I assumed she agreed with what I was saying)

then I just threw together some fresh berries, orange segments, mango, passion fruit and slices of banana

“that’s it?”

Oh come on, I DO try and make it look good.

“well… yeah, I suppose it does look kind of attractive. Can we eat now, or is there more to this cooking lecture?”

I threw a blueberry at her. Instead of jumping out of the way, she tried to catch it in her mouth. It hit her on the nose and she started to laugh.

Come on then, let’s eat…


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