peppers in Siberia

peppers in Siberia

I spent the whole weekend looking for peppers in Siberia. It’s not the easiest thing to do, with the weather and general supply of products available. Why exactly did I need peppers this weekend? The idea was to flame-roast them in all their colours and add them to a mouthwatering spinach and sour cream quiche I’d been dreaming of all that week…

I thought that would hit the spot with a salad and a bright winter’s afternoon. I kept thinking back to those conversations where people keep telling me I should be eating meat while living in Russia, that living as a vegetarian here was nearly impossible. I should just forget it. Then I shook my head again and went back to the (constant) challenge of finding peppers in Siberia. Sometimes determination can give you the answer. Sometimes, you just go home freezing cold.

Feeling a little disillusioned with the sorry array of beetroot, potatoes and bendy carrots, I took a walk home in the freezing Siberian afternoon (what does -19C mean when you have roast vegetables on your mind?)

I decided to check out one last vegetable stand right on the corner (the last vegetable stand on the left, next to the chemist’s, if you need to know) and there, more bad news from the lady: no green peppers, she said. Then she whispered, sadly “you can’t make the scene, if you ain’t got the green, honey”. I was just turning away to head home empty-handed, when she called me back and said “on the lower shelf if you really want some, I suppose we have some peppers in red, yellow, orange and purple”

roast pepper quiche

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