passion fruit date basil halloumi pandemonium

passion fruit pandemonium

after trying it, she didn’t know what to say: such an unexpected treat and so many flavours it seemed she would never be able to recreate the memory of that sunny afternoon in Siberia…

she asked, most respectfully “please, do you think I could possibly have the recipe? I’ve never even heard of halloumi before.
I promise I won’t share your secret”

“There are no secrets”, I whispered.
“There’s no recipe for this, I told her. You just need some halloumi cheese, a frying pan and a spoon!”

a combination of big juicy dates (Medjool if you want to know), fresh basil, pepper and that passion fruit from Columbia. On top a pan-fried piece of halloumi, still slightly crispy on the outside, slightly warm and soft on the inside.

no need for salt, the halloumi cheese gives you everything you desire. Not even any need for oil, olive or otherwise, what’s it gonna do in a dish like this?

don’t clean the sides of the dishes if you don’t need to, eat with a spoon if you have to, enjoy it in bed if you want to…

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