not all who wander are lost

logoIf you take a quick look at the logo at the top of the page with the tag line ‘cook your way round the world’, you’ll notice straightaway how it differs from the one in the picture at the top of this post (look lower! Yes there! That’s better!)

It took me a while to think of the original idea, the logo, the colours and the ‘tag line’ which was rather adventurous-sounding:’not all who wander are lost’ – I am master of my destiny! Took me half the night to put together the logo itself on a unknown photo editing programme, because I’d never done anything like that before. It had a hint of travel, adventure, explorer and a generally enviable lifestyle in exotic locations but all with a greater purpose.

It’s an idea I applied to myself, and still do, believing that although I have been constantly moving around the world, there is a clear reason why I am doing this.

Thinking about it now, it’s very catchy, but rather vague, poetic and slightly romantic. I’ve since decided to rethink where I’m going with this blog and my motives (which are still to write about my cooking life while travelling around the world).

When you are asking people to read what you have written and follow you on your journey, you need to grab their attention with a bold command ‘come with me…!”

Each time I read the ‘not all who wander are lost’ heading, I realised I actually WAS a little lost and needed to pause and rethink (and maybe a small map – see below)

This is why recently I changed the logo to ‘cook your way around the world!’ it’s bolder, stronger and makes me feel like I’m somewhere in my kitchen, cooking, baking, offering advice, skills snd guidance – helping to lead the way, which is, in fact, what I AM doing…

So, come with me if you want to eat, let’s keep moving.

Oh, and here’s that map I promised, drawn by the lovely manager of a cafe I was in several years ago and while we struggled to communicate in Russian/English I finally managed to find my way to ‘the Big Road’


the big road

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