lunchtime decisions


lunchtime decisions

Sometimes lunchtime decisions are made for you. The cartons of eggs were packed so closely together on the shelf that when I tried to pull out one carton, the one next to it fell to the floor.

Is that what they mean when they tell you that you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs?

I looked around for an assistant, walked around the supermarket and when I finally found someone, explained what had happened. In my limited Russian. In Russia.

Unfortunately for me, I may as well have been a penguin asking her if she’d like to dance!

She looked at me in near horror, shook her head and shuffled away. I could see her peering out from behind the cereal boxes, checking if I was still there.

I went back to see if those eggs had been cleaned up, but no, they were still there. I decided to hang around a few minutes, just in case a manager came by or there was someone else I could explain the situation to.

Should I just stand there, or should I discreetly move away?
Looking at the bigger picture, I suppose this was not the biggest dilemma I was going to face that day (I mean, for example, apples: green or red?)

Like I said, sometimes lunchtime decisions are all but made for you:  I was going to have carrot soup instead, with a savoury muffin

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