shoot me – food photography tips 1

For a long time, I had been preparing so many dishes and never taken a moment to take any photos of them. No one had even suggested any food photography tips to me, and because I always felt I needed some fancy high-tech equipment and a camera with all the bells and whistles, special ‘food’ lens and a big umbrella with a flash and maybe even an attractive assistant holding one of those floppy silver discs…

In the end, things were much simpler than that

I made a salad one afternoon that looked so appealing I took a shot on my mobile phone and felt pleased, and yes, even a little proud that I’d finally managed to capture the memory of it. No lights no camera no action!

Sadly, that phone has long since been lost and with it my photo But I finally understood that capturing the process, of what I was doing, enjoying the final results and sharing that food memory with others were the things that really mattered..


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