best sandwich ideas: the old school sandwich

best old school sandwich
Oh yeah that’s old school, those are the best sandwich ideas, can’t argue with that, really…

like when you used to rush home from school, kick off your shoes and throw your bag by the front door run into the living room mum was buttering huge white slabs of bread in front of the coal heater. read more to see what sandwich I’m going to have

macarons vs macaroons

green pepper macaroni

we were talking and talking: this time about macarons, she found them so much fun and exciting
or was it macaroons? she put everyone around here in their place about the way to pronounce it, there was only ONE way to say the word and everyone was going to have to say it HER way: macarons

she told me she’d just come back from Paris and how everyone
was eating macarons in pretty colours and daring flavours from those fancy boutiques that are all over the world these days.

Even airports – I mentioned (I’d never really seen the attraction until a few years ago)

she wasn’t paying attention, and told me her favourite was the salted caramel and banana curd inside the luscious, soft chocolate, almond shell

I always like how the Americans say “karmel” – I told her – but I often find thee things to be rather sweet. A good filling can give you that balance – I tried to tell her

She shot me a glance which hinted that I simply couldn’t understand these things and I should stick to eating chocolate… read more to see what I did instead…

happy new year with carrot cake pie

carrot cake
She called round early the next morning, carefully placing the box on the table:

“I made you something for the New Year holidays – I know you’re far from friends and family at this time. I thought this might be a nice surprise”

“what… IS… that?

“ well, it’s not exactly a carrot pie, and it’s not exactly a carrot cake… I suppose you could call it a carrot cake pie “

“a carrot cake… PIE?

“YES!!… Do you like it? continue reading and see how I liked it

the journey continues…


the journey continues…

Put that sauce on the back burner, turn the oven down a bit, let’s just clean up a little here before I tell you where this is all going:

what an adventure! I really AM the travelling chef and have slowly been making my way around the world for the past few years.

I was always the hard-working, pretty serious, formal and quiet guy in the class and wherever I worked. I knew though, that there was a creative explosion waiting to just happen – the only thing to do was to cook, bake, eat, taste, learn and then cook some more. I realised though it was more than taste, flavour or technique. People mattered, and understood your love of what you were doing would always shine through. They saw that my food was deeply personal and brought together all my emotions, feeling and creativity.

The Travelling Chef is just a part of that development of myself, my style, my personality and my entire way of living. I love this cooking, travelling life I lead and plan to live it to the fullest.