best sandwich ideas: the old school sandwich

best old school sandwich
Oh yeah that’s old school, those are the best sandwich ideas, can’t argue with that, really…

like when you used to rush home from school, kick off your shoes and throw your bag by the front door run into the living room mum was buttering huge white slabs of bread in front of the coal heater.
SPAM? HAM? or JAM? Mum always had the best sandwich ideas. Recently she piles the salad high, packed with cucumber and red onions and lots of cheese n black

But you’re like, “where’s the avocado and alfalfa, mum” – she shouts you into the corner with your favourite: butter and strawberry jam while you watch first DANGER MOUSE and then Blockbusters and rush out to play with your friends until it gets dark.

I suppose that was the sandwich I loved then.Now, of course, things are different.

Those were the days…

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