baking is friendship

melting point


Baking is friendship…

The set up: how do you solve that question? Transporting FIVE THOUSAND glasses or plastic cups around the city, abroad, or to the planet Mars, each month without damaging the precious contents inside?

Precious contents, you ask? Well, the usual: fresh egg yolks, a little sugar, butter, fresh cream and milk, a HINT of ginger the slightest TOUCH of lemon grass. Like I said, the usual, but for pastry chefs, rather precious…

So, meet our little guinea piggies: from left to right we’ll call them Paul, Alex and Maria (or even, for our Russian friends, Pasha, Sasha and Masha).


Maria was cooked at 110C with 50 percent steam for 30 mins. Way too long, unfortunately, as you can see, but she was a good one, oh yeah, she was good, gonna miss you girl!

Alex was ‘steamed’ at 90C with 40 percent steam for 25 mins. He put up a good fight, but the last 7 minute were just too much to handle. Bye bye Alex, good knowing you, man!

Finally Paul. How to save you? As well as your 5000 brother and sisters? (now 4997)


Lightly poach in the oven at 75C with 30 percent steam and for 22 minutes. All good, contents safe and sound, cream is juuuuuuust set and still slightly ‘jiggly’.

The planet is saved.

Like I said, baking is friendship…

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