a tasty pumpkin pasta recipe for ‘throwing things together’

pumpkin rigatoni
this is where everything seems to come together – even when you don’t know exactly where you’re going with it.

Was thinking of making some kind of tasty pumpkin pasta recipe one winter evening, had to make a pumpkin cream, almost a pumpkin soup and while the rigatoni was cooking RUSHED into the cold winter air to find a fresh piece of ginger.

The lady at the counter shook her head at the way I was dressed – a t-shirt and a crazy hat – you’re going to get seriously ill if you don’t put a coat on. Still, when I showed her the timer in my hand, with 5 minutes to go for the pasta, she reached into a box by the window and pulled out the pinkest, freshest piece of garlic I had ever seen in Russia… Thanks lady with the fingerless gloves!

and then it just happened – the pumpkin cream, the ginger, the lemon zest the pine nuts the basil and the pasta, cooked just the way I needed it on this cold winter night – all just came together in a smooth creamy totally winter Med bowl – I am still restless for more, but always grateful for what I have…

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